The Joan Mitchell Foundation provides up to $6,000 in emergency support to US-based visual artists working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and/or drawing, who have suffered significant losses after natural or man-made disasters that have affected a region on a broad scale. Beginning February 4, 2019, the Foundation will be accepting applications from artists affected by Hurricanes Florence, Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Michael; California wildfires; or other events of this nature or scale. Artists can apply to the Foundation for funding for up to three years after such an event. 

The Foundation has historically granted funding to assist in the repair of homes and studios following material destruction; to replace art materials such as brushes, paints, and inks; and to replace equipment such as hand or power tools and computers. Unfortunately, the Joan Mitchell Foundation cannot grant funds towards the retail value of any lost or damaged artwork. 

While we acknowledge the tremendous need for support following personal emergencies – i.e., burglary, displacement, events affecting a single home/studio, or health-related emergencies – we regret that the Foundation is currently unable to provide this type of emergency funding. We have made available a list of other emergency resources that we encourage you to review here

Checklist & Tips for the Emergency Grant Application:

✔   Review the whole application form prior to filling it out.

✔   List of required supporting materials needed:

       o Itemization of loss;
       o Resume or other supporting documents;
       o Images of work (if you do not have a website);
       o Professional references (3);

✔   Have supporting materials ready to upload and using the following filename format: “LastName_FirstName_TypeOfDocument", i.e., Mitchell_Joan_Resume.

✔   Review the sample itemization of loss to determine the best way to present your information. 

✔   Professional references: be thoughtful about whom you are asking to act as a reference and please let them know that they will be contacted by the Foundation.

✔   The Foundation cannot apply grant funds to the value of lost or damaged artwork. 

✔   Please ensure you have read and agree to the Terms of Use at the end of the application.

For any questions, please contact Lilia Sterling, Artist Programs Manager, Grants, at or 212-524-0100 x203.